How To Ride On The Rollers On Your Bike – Indoor Cycle Training Made Easy

– Rollers mean all sorts
of different things to riders around the world. They are perhaps one of the best recovery tools you will ever have. Spinning gently on the rollers is like creasing down a flat
road with the wind in your back – Yeah, they’re also really good for doing high speed
canes work, or reving out while keeping a really
good posture on the bike. – [Host 1] And then
lastly, they are perhaps the ultimate warm up and warm down tool. Riders across the world, across every discipline
use them, don’t they? – Yeah, from CX to mountain bike, to track and of course road. – Yeah, we use them all the time. But, if you are a newcomer and you’ve never ridden them before, they do look a little bit daunting.

– Yeah, saying that, I was terrified when I first had to
jump on a pair of these. So with that in mind, we got
ourselves some elite rollers and we’re gonna give you some top tips, so hopefully when you
come to ride with rollers it’s gonna be a lot less scary. Before you get going, we highly recommend that you pump your tires up
to a really high pressure. So for example, the maximum pressure of this tire is 120 PSI, so
I’m gonna pump it to 100. It’ll feel a bit twitchy to begin with, but when you get going
during that high canes work you won’t be bouncing around and it will be a lot easier to control.

Set your rollers up next
to the wall like this, or if you’re lucky
enough to have a doorway that enables you to use that, set it up with your shoulder just by the frame when you’re in a neutral riding position as this will enable you to
lean onto it for balance as you start to get going on the rollers. – Place your bike onto the rollers, and swing a leg over, keeping
the front wheel straight.

Then, clip in with your leading leg. Now, at this point, some people say to get a friend to hold your bike steady. But we would say no to
that, because this will mean you won’t actually learn
to correct yourself when you’re riding the bike. – Right then, you’re now
all set to start pedaling. We recommend a big ring for this, as on the rollers speed is your friend. The sooner you can bring
your wares up to speed, the easier and safer it is to balance. In fact, riding on the rollers slowly is quite an advanced skill,
but more on that later. – By now, you should be looking
something similar to this. Building momentum in the wheels, and ultimately sitting at
a speed you can maintain.

Once you’ve done that, you can maybe take your hand off a
shoulder or off a doorframe, and then you’ll feel more balanced on the bike on top of the rollers. – At this point, don’t panic
if you start to swerve, that’s exactly why we advise you setting this up in a doorframe. You’ve then got something to lean on, to catch you balance, haven’t you? – You get on, you.
– James? James? – A good tip to do is to focus on a point that’s a couple of meters ahead of you. This will keep you riding
in the right direction, and also stop you swerving. Another point is to keep your
hands on the flat of the bar. This will give you a lot more control when riding the rollers. Learning to ride the rollers is like learning to ride a bike again. Balance, relax, relax
a bit more, and repeat. This is a skill that
definitely takes practice. So don’t worry if it takes
you a couple of times, but stick with it because before
long it’ll be second nature and it’s also really good fun too.

– So now you’ve mastered the
art of balance on the rollers, why not take it a step further and start upping the tempo a little bit? After all, the rollers get easier to ride the faster you go. And once you’ve done that, you can start to play around with your hand positions. Move to the hoods, move to the drops, and to be honest, you
are now completely ready to take them out to your local bar race and use them as a
warm up or your recovery tool. – [Camera Man] Oh.
– Oh yeah. What the f*ck? It is so hard to steer. Right, Hank, can you do this? – [Hank] No. – Come, you gotta have a go. – [Hank] No. – Yeah, it’s called the rules. (screams) – [Hank] That was a round
mess, I’m not doing that. – Is that one point to me? – Yeah, that was one
point, one arm one leg. – Come on, you do it. – [Hank] Can you do this, Bridgey? – Ride on rollers? – Yeah. – No, the skills. – [Bridgey] No, probably not the skills.

(jazz music playing) – Your little face. Tonight we should let on clip. – Oh f*ck, nailed it. Right, now if I go on the handlebars. Right mate, looks like you’ve
done a really good job. If you’ve mastered it
just like Chris has here, why don’t you give it a big thumbs up? And if you wanna see some
more training videos, why don’t you click to the
left of Chris, just over there? Right mate, do you wanna do some skills? – Yeah I do, yeah. – Come on man, let’s see it. (laughing) – I did it earlier, it’s alright. That’s good for our sakes..

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