YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary…

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Today i’ll be reviewing the YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary with a 35 pound flywheel. So, let’s get to it. Okay, first things: first, you want to adjust the bike, so it fits your body and you can start with the seat. It does tip forward and back and um this part slides forward and back but uh.

Let’s start with the seat.

You know i like to have it tip forward a little bit when you’re ready, though when you have it where you want just make sure that this is cranked. You know that these nuts are tightened quite a bit because you don’t want that seat moving around and you know back and forth or forward back now, another way to adjust.

It is using this knob here you can slide it forward and back depending on you know your body length and the distance between the seat and the handlebars to make it comfortable for you.

So once you’ve got that set crank that down and tighten that up too.

Next up, you want to adjust the seat post up or down to accommodate, basically how long your legs are. So to do that. You loosen this up pretty far because this bolt has to go pretty far in there. So you know um, i have long legs, so i’m pretty much about as high as it can go.

You got ta kind of wiggle it to find that hole there and then once you got it, get it in place and crack that back down make sure it’s tight. You don’t want this sliding down while you’re riding on it. Okay, so this is kind of a nice touch down here.

A lot of bikes do have the ability to level them out on the on the standers on the support bars, and this one has the adjustments on the outside. So if you for some reason, you have a floor, that is a little uneven. You can turn this and there’s something there’s a piece under here that will uh lift up and down to accommodate.

You know if you need to kind of level the whole thing out. Okay, just as a tip for um how to how to deal with the strap and the buckle on the toe cage that holds it to the pedal um mine came unattached here, so i had to basically thread it through, but it’s super simple all you do. Is you pinch the buckle which has a spring, and you thread it through the bottom of the the buckle here?

So it goes through these two holes as it were, and basically through the one with a teeth in it. So when you pull it when your foot’s in here, you can just pull this into the strap and it’s going to tighten and it’s not going to it’s not gon na loosen because of those teeth, and if you want to release it, all you have to do,Is basically hold the other end of the buckle, it opens the the gap and releases the strap, and it’s it’s super simple.

So just pull it back in tighten it got a super secure, uh. Your foot is super secure in the toe cage there and, if you want to, you, can tuck the strap in there on that side to get it out of the way.

So the YOSUDA Indoor Bike has friction resistance, and that means that you turn this knob and that makes this pad down here, which is like a break on a you know, any normal bike, the pad comes up and down, and you increase the resistance by twisting the Knob uh clockwise, it presses the pad down and basically slows the flywheel down.

YOSUDA Indoor Bike

So it gives you a harder workout and then, if you need to you, know, take the pressure off a bit and lighten the load, you bring it the other way and it pulls the pad off. The YOSUDA Bike does come with an extra pad in case this wears out over time. I guess you can replace that right up top here. We have the exercise monitor, which has all the data you need.

You know for your workout, it shows you where uh on the timer, then we’ve got your speed, your distance, your calories and um it’ll just scan through, if you put it on that mode and below we’ve got an ipad holder um. This is just like a nice touch, you can add, you know you can, or you can put your book here kind of it’s got some clips and sort of like little shelves for a book or an ipad there, which is nice.

Another thing i’d like to point out is the handlebars here are angled, which to me is, is really the way to go um the way your body works. It just feels better to have your elbows out and your forearms and your in your hands in and then you’re able to grip up here where it kind of goes more straight or you can also grip in here.

You can grip here, um like this kind of system or this kind of handlebar design. I guess you could say is to me it’s the best way to go as opposed to just having the handlebars straight out all right, so one of the most important things. Of course, to talk about is how the bike actually feels when you’re riding it, and i can tell you this – feels really good.

I really like the handlebars, especially the soft grip texture they have.

I, like the angle, the design of these handlebars it just it sort of feels better than other bikes that have more of a straight u-shape. It just kind of contours more to my body and the way my my arms kind of want to sit uh. The seat’s really comfortable, and it just kind of feels like it feels seamless it feels like it was designed, really well, resistance system is nice.

It’s pretty smooth! You crank it down. You start to hear that brake pad. It’s not that noisy. So it’s not, you know not a big deal if you have some music on before you’re, watching a video you’re, not gonna really notice that and overall it’s just a comfortable ride and you know i can recommend it.

So one of the last things i want to point out is that it has wheels in the front and of course, cuts to transport the bike around. So all you have to do is put one foot on that: stabilizer bar in front grip, the handles tip it back, and then you can easily move the bike around on those wheels.

It’s just kind of balanced nicely put your foot back on that front bar and then let it down gently, that’s it! So that’s about it for this review of the Yosuda indoor cycle.

There’s a lot to love about it.

You know this resistance knob is great easy to use,the resistance is smooth, I love these handlebars, I love the way they are angled in which is kind of the natural way, your arms and your shoulders kind of want to kind of come in, while you’re really leaning forward, like that, the exercise monitor is great.

The seat is comfortable everything adjusts your body the way you’ll want it to so, as i say, highly recommend it. If you want to get a bike, that’s good for the price it doesn’t have a lot of like you know, crazy bells and whistles but that’s okay.

You can put your iPad on there and you can bring up some riding bike videos or you know, watch a TV show, or whatever… So yeah highly recommend the YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary you can’t go wrong 🙂

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